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Rapid Edge Heavy-Duty Die-Cast Utility Knife with LED Safety Light


Heavy-Duty Utility Knife
Built for tough jobs like removing carpet and cutting through nylon rope, this heavy-duty utility knife features a durable die-cast metal body. The knife comes equipped with three of our signature Rapid Edge serrated blades, which feature multiple cutting surfaces to keep them sharp longer than the traditional straight-edged blades used by competing brands. Each blade features five cutting edges, which distribute friction to allow the knife to slide through materials faster and with less effort, saving you both time and money.

Convenient LED Safety Light
The serrated knife has a built-in LED safety light that makes it easy to see exactly where you are cutting in cramped and dimly-lit spaces. The light indicates when the blade tip is exposed, so you can ensure that it is fully retracted before tucking the knife into a pocket or utility belt, helping to prevent accidental cuts and scratches.

All-Purpose Design
The versatile safety knife works well as a tool for everything from cutting paper to ambitious home improvement projects. It slides easily through cardboard, rubber, drywall, roofing shingles, and a wide range of other materials.

Secure Locking Mechanism
The length of the blade can be adjusted easily using the Slide & Lock thumb control button, so you can expose just the right amount of the cutting edge for each job. The locking mechanism holds the blade securely in place, helping to keep your cuts smooth and precise on many different surfaces.

Comfortable Ergonomic Handle
The durable curved handle has been shaped to fit comfortably into any user’s hand. This makes it easier for a professional handyman or contractor to keep a firm grip on the handle throughout the day without annoying hand cramps or for a DIYer to keep trimming off stubborn patches of a project without lingering aches and pains.

Perfect for DIY Home Improvement Projects!

Item#: RT00001
12 pieces per inner case
72 pieces per master case

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