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 Rapid Edge Every Day Acrylic Utility Knife with Smooth Action Serrated Utility Blade


Sharp, Disposable Utility Knives for Every Activity
This Rapid Edge Every Day Utility Knife keeps you equipped with a fresh new utility blade for every activity. They come in four bright colors, making them easy to divide between team members or to designate to a specific activity. These simple utility knives are ideal for everything from outdoor recreation to messy crafts and home improvement projects, as the whole knife can simply be discarded whenever the blade is dulled or gummed up.

Long-Lasting, All-Purpose Serrated Blades
Each razor knife comes equipped with one of our Rapid Edge blades, which will cut through cardboard, rope, carpet, and many other common household materials with ease. The secret is our patented Rapid Edge serration pattern, which distributes the cutting friction across five individual surfaces. This allows the blades to slide through tough materials faster and keeps them sharp longer than traditional straight-edged blades, saving you both time and money.

Lightweight, Ergonomic Design
Each safety knife features a lightweight, yet durable acrylic body that has been curved to fit comfortably into any user’s hand. This makes them easy to use for hours on end on the jobsite, in the garage, or on your next outdoor adventure. The acrylic handle will not rust, so the knives are an excellent choice for use on a fishing boat, camping trip, or in countless other wet and messy settings.

Easy Slide & Lock Adjustment
The length of the utility blade can be adjusted quickly using the Slide & Lock button. The button is easy to reach, and the locking mechanism holds the blade securely in place to allow for smooth and precise cuts.

Perfect for DIY Home Improvement Projects!


20-Piece Impulse Bucket
Item#: RT00037
1 bucket includes 20 acrylic utility knives
6 buckets per master case

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