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Rapid Edge Double Length Utility Blades - For Use with Our Extend-A-Blade™ Utility Knife


Double the Cutting Depth
Extra-Long Blades for Deeper Cuts Designed for jobs where you need more cutting depth like drywall repair and removing carpet. These Rapid Edge blades are double the length of standard retractable knife blades. This makes them ideal for cutting through thicker materials that standard blades just don’t have the reach to get through efficiently.

Versatile All-Purpose Design
The utility razor blades are made from a durable metal that is tough enough to take on home renovation materials like shingles, drywall and carpet with ease. The blades are also precise enough to cut down a wide variety of everyday household items like paper, cardboard, rubber and twine, making them ideal for crafts and detailed DIY projects.

For Use With Our Extend-A-Blade™ Utility Knife
Designed for use with our Extend-A-Blade™ utility knife, these blades can slide in and out with the simple press of a button, allowing you to swap out dull blades in seconds. This time-saving feature makes the design ideal for heavy blade users like home improvement workers and contractors.

Perfect for DIY Home Improvement Projects!


double length serrated

Item #: RT00011
Description: 5 Pack Serrated Double Length
Utility Blades
12 pieces per inner case
120 pieces per master case

straight edge double length blades

Item #: RT00012
Description: 5 Pack Double Length Utility Blades
12 pieces per inner case
120 pieces per master case

Extend-A-Blade™ Folding Utility Knife

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