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Rapid Edge Heavy Duty Shop Scissors

STAINLESS STEEL FROM BLADES TO CORE: Rapid Edge industrial scissors are built for strength, with a full metal core stainless steel body and heavy-duty stainless steel blades perfect for work or home.

CUT THROUGH THE TOUGH STUFF: Use these shop scissors to cut through cardboard, plastic, rope and metal strapping with ease. Whatever you're cutting, stainless steel blades maximize your cutting power.

UP-SIZED ERGONOMIC HANDLES: These powerful utility scissors feature soft-grip handles to reduce fatigue. They're large enough to use with work gloves. At 0.8 lbs, our scissors feel light in your hand.

BUILT-IN BOX CUTTER: The thoughtful design of the Rapid Edge heavy-duty scissors incorporates a scoring top on the handle. Use this handy box cutter to quickly open boxes sealed with shipping tape.

SHEATH WITH BELT CLIP INCLUDED: Rapid Edge stainless steel scissors come with a belt clip and a safe, full-blade sheath. They keep your hands free and scissors ready to use at the warehouse or home.

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Maximum Cutting Power!

Scissors That Can Cut It
When it comes to shop scissors, quality really does count. There's no point in wasting money on industrial scissors that just don't cut it. Rapid Edge Heavy Duty Shop Scissors are the utility scissors you need. They're built for strength and stand up to repetitive cutting in warehouses, workshops and manufacturing facilities. Demanding industrial environments are exactly where these scissors excel. Bring these stainless steel metal scissors home with you and add them to your own tool kit.

Stainless Steel Strong
Made of stainless steel from blade to core, Rapid Edge Heavy Duty Shop Scissors have the strength and durability you need on the shop floor. They cut through cardboard, plastic, rope, burlap, and metal strapping. Use these industrial scissors at work to cut plastic, twine, metal strapping, and zip ties. Use them at home to cut up boxes and other packaging material for recycling. There are even built-in box cutters on the handles to make it quick and easy to score tape and open shipping boxes. Rapid Edge utility scissors are a tool with 101 uses, which is why they make a great gift idea too.

Comfort Grip Handles
The ergonomic design of the Rapid Edge heavy duty scissors makes them ideal for industrial and warehouse work, where associates cut repetitively. These large scissors feature roomy handles that accommodate larger hands and work gloves, without losing cutting power. The soft comfort grip handles are easy on skin and knuckles, and help reduce fatigue. Rapid Edge shop scissors come with a belt clip and full-blade scissor sheath. This lets you work hands-free with the scissors safely stowed away until needed. You'll never wonder where you left them because they're clipped to your belt within easy reach. Designed for optimal size and comfort, Rapid Edge Heavy Duty Shop Scissors measure 10 inches long and weigh 0.8 lbs, making them a perfect fit for most hands.