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Rapid Edge Quick Change Heavy-Duty Utility Knife with Soft Comfort Grip


Quick and Easy Blade Changes
Do you tear through several utility knife blades each week? This Rapid Tools Quick Change serrated utility knife might be just what you’ve been searching for. The safety knife is specially designed to allow you to change blades easily and often. Simply release and hold the button to insert a new blade once your current one starts to dull. The handle also boasts a built-in storage compartment for extra blades, making it easy for a handyman or contractor to keep a few spares on hand while moving around the jobsite.

Long-Lasting Serrated Blades
The knife is equipped with three of our patented Rapid Edge serrated blades, which feature five individual surfaces that cut simultaneously to help distribute friction. This allows the blades to slide through tough materials faster and keeps them sharper longer than the straight-edged blades offered by competing brands, saving you time and money.

Impressive Ergonomic Performance
The handle of the serrated knife is curved to sit in a natural position in any hand, helping to prevent annoying cramps and accidental slips and cuts. Soft grips at the top and bottom of the handle keep it comfortable to hold during long shifts and ambitious home improvement projects.

Convenient Safety String Cutter
A notch near the top of the handle exposes a small section of the blade even when it is retracted, allowing you to slide in and cut long strings. This makes it easy to trim off pieces of stubborn materials like twine and wire quickly and safely.

Secure Locking Mechanism
The length of the blade can be adjusted easily using the Slide & Lock thumb control button, so you can expose just the right amount of the cutting edge for each job. The locking mechanism holds the blade of the safety box cutter securely in place, allowing for precise and even cuts.

Perfect for DIY Home Improvement Projects!

Item#: RT00008
12 pieces per inner case
72 pieces per master case

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