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Rapid Edge Extend-A-Blade™ Folding Utility Knife Folding

with Double Length Blade and 3 Sliding Blade Positions


Extra Long Design for Deeper Cuts
Designed for jobs where you need more cutting depth, like drywall repair and removing carpet, our Extend-A-Blade knife holds blades that are double the length of standard retractable knife blades. This makes it ideal for cutting through thicker materials that standard box cutters just don’t have the reach to get through efficiently.

Long-Lasting, All-Purpose Straight Edge Blade
The included Rapid Edge blade is ideal for cutting everything from simple cardboard to rope, shingles and rubber. An excellent choice for detailed projects, it has a classic straight edge that allows you to make smooth, precise cuts through softer materials. It is also a snap to resharpen.

Quick and Easy Blade Changes
With the Extend-A-Blade utility knife, blade changes are easy: simply push and hold the button to slide your blades in and out whenever they need replacing. This time-saving feature is especially valuable for home improvement workers, handymen and contractors who tear through several blades each day.

Adjustable Blade Positions for Versatility
The safety box cutter offers 3 blade positions, allowing you to adjust it to just the right depth for each project. This makes it a versatile option ideal for cutting everything from paper to thick carpeting. It also boasts a 2-position handle lock to keep it securely in place.

Compact, Highly Durable Knife
The knife has a convenient folding design, making it easy to store in your pocket or toolbelt when you’re on the go. This also ensures that the blade is concealed when it is not in use, helping to prevent accidental cuts and scratches. Durable heavy duty construction helps it stand up to regular use on the job or during your DIY renovation projects.

Perfect for DIY Home Improvement Projects!

Item#: RT00010
8 pieces per inner case
48 pieces per master case

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