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Rapid Edge All-Purpose 9mm Serrated Snap-Off Utility Knife with Acetone-Resistant Handle


Slim, Sturdy Blades Provide Impressive Precision
This all-purpose safety knife comes equipped with a serrated 9mm Rapid Edge blade that is ideal for tasks requiring smooth, controlled cuts. Great for everything from opening up boxes to cutting rope, roofing and carpet for DIY home improvement projects, the blade makes this knife a versatile addition to any contractor or handyman’s collection of tools.

Save Time and Reduce Waste with Snap-Off Blades
The blade features 8 points where it can be snapped off to reveal a fresh edge. This saves you precious time that would be spent changing or sharpening your blades throughout the day, and also spares you the expense and inconvenience of making frequent trips back to the store for replacements.

All-Purpose Serrated Blades
Our snap off blades offer our patented Rapid Edge serration pattern. The unique pattern distributes the friction across multiple individual cutting surfaces. This allows the blade to slide through tough materials faster and keeps it sharp longer than traditional straight-edged box cutter blades.

Durable and Ergonomic Handle
The handle of this knife is made from durable stainless steel to help it stand up to tough tasks like installing and removing carpet, as well as everyday wear and tear in the garage. It is covered with a tough nylon material that is comfortable to hold for extended periods. The handle is also acetone-resistant for easy cleaning.

Easy Ratchet Adjustment
You can extend or retract the blade of this safety knife easily using a handy ratchet wheel. A reliable locking mechanism ensures that it stays in the desired position, for precise, wiggle-free cuts.

Perfect for DIY Home Improvement Projects!


RT00058 small

Item #: RT00058
Description: 9mm Snap Knife
12 pieces per inner case
72 pieces per master case

RT00026 small

Item #: RT00026
Description: 9mm Snap Knife w/ 6 Serrated Snap-Off Blades
12 pieces per inner case
72 pieces per master case

Our Snap Knives Are Acetone Resistant!

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