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Rapid Edge Offset Scissors


Stainless Steel from Blades to Core
Rapid Edge industrial scissors are built for strength, with a full metal core stainless steel body and heavy-duty stainless steel blades perfect for work or home.

Serrated Edge Grips Material While Cutting
Use these shop scissors to cut through cardboard, plastic, rope and metal strapping with ease. Whatever you're cutting, the serrated edge grips the material, maximizing your cutting power.

Up-Sized Eegonomic Handles
These powerful utility scissors feature soft-grip handles to reduce fatigue. They're large enough to use with work gloves. At 0.8 lbs, our scissors feel light in your hand.

Built-In Scoring Tip
The thoughtful design of the Rapid Edge heavy-duty offset scissors incorporates a scoring top on the handle. Use to quickly open boxes sealed with shipping tape.

Perfect for DIY Home Improvement Projects!

Item#: RT00078
6 pieces per inner case
48 pieces per master case

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